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Training and Prices

At Bikes in motion we teach CBT, DAS (Direct Access Scheme), A1, A2 and progressive access.

All of our instructors have passed IAM advanced qualification tests, and all of our bikes are Hondas - (CB125F/CB300R/CB500F/CB650R/NT1100/VFR1200) you'll learn from (and ride on) the best.

Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) £170 - Fully incl of bike hire and clothing use

All motorbike training starts with a CBT. It teaches you the basics of controlling a bike. You'll need this for any sized bike or moped.

What's covered?

Theory, safety, how to control and handle your bike on and off road, and best riding practices instilled into your basic skills.

Course Info

Price: £170 Duration: 1 day minimum Age: 16+

DAS, A1 & A2 Training

The DAS, A1 and A2 licences all have the same two part tests: an off road test in a test centre, testing handling and manoeuvrability (Module 1), and a road test (Module 2). We train for both of these tests for all licence types.

What's covered?

All manoeuvres and exercises for the off-road Module 1 test in the practical centre, plus training for the on-road Module 2 test. We also teach the ‘Smiths keys’ system including, road positioning, alertness, and advanced handling in these areas to improve your safety.

What will I have with an A1 License?

You are entitled to ride any bike up to a size of 125cc or 14bhp

What will I have with an A2 License?

You are entitled to ride any sized bike up to 47bhp

What will I have with an A License?

You are entitled to ride any sized cc motorcycle with no upper limit

Course Info

Module 1 Price: £395 Module 2 Price: £395 Duration: 2 part days per module Requirements: CBT and theory certificates Age: 17+ (A1), 19+ (A2), 24+ (DAS)
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